Business and Community can work together!  Bottom right image, is an example of how the Sixes community citizens worked with RaceTrac.  This example was used at the public input and one on one meetings, to ask for design adjustments. Sixes was successful! Buff/tan colored banding (instead of red) on gas pump canopy, bronze awnings (instead of sunshine yellow), exterior lamp posts, gooseneck lighting, stone (instead of gold brick), enhanced landscaping plan, a knee wall to cover concrete, and reflect the natural beauty of the Mill directly across the street. Quality businesses are ready to step up!  


New RaceTrac 


Sixes Road

Exit 11

Canton, GA


Opened 2018

RaceTrac had a public hearing and presentation. Debra, along with her neighbors (YOU ALL ARE AWESOME!) worked hard to try to make sure design standards reflected the community.  RaceTrac took questions from community residents.


Because of the uniqueness of this location positioned directly across from a local landmark, known as the Sixes Mill to locals, they toned down the canopy buffer from red to tan, used stone, added lanterns, landscaping, muted bronze window canopies, the monument is attractive, and a knee walls to help blend with the Mills stonework, creating an eye line break with the concrete pad.  

Debra is try to get the gas pump canopy completed, as the topography from the top of the bridge creates a clear view of the exposed roof I-beams. It is not determined if this is still in the works, or if we need one more push.  The top of the store is pure white and has a polished finish, so it would seem the gas pump canopy would be the same. Mountainous regions create challenges not normally found in flat terrain.

The community here seems to be very pleased, and it was great to have them turn out!  RaceTrac asked.  Community came out to meetings.  City of Holly Springs worked to find a good middle ground for this community and a quality business.  I believe the community is very happy with it!  THANK YOU RACETRAC!