Former Colleagues

Did you know all 3 Governors, Zell Miller, Sonny Perdue, Nathan Deal, were once Democrats?  Debra served with all 3 when she was in the House of Representatives?


 Jim Beck, our current Insurance Commissioner worked in Lt. Governor Pierre Howard's (D) office the same year.

The party was very different, 27 years ago. It no longer resembles what it once was.

It has changed dramatically.  


In Ronald Reagan's words,

"I didn't leave the Democratic party, the party left me."


  • Governor Zell Bryan Miller (D) (elected 1991)

  • Governor Sonny Perdue (D) (State Senator, 1991,1992)

  • Governor Nathan Deal (D) (State Senator, 1991, 1992)

  • Jim Beck (D) 1991

Sonny Perdue 1995
Zell Miller
Zell Miller
Jim Beck worked for Lt. Governor Pierre Howards (D) Office when the Lt. Governor was elected. 

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