Debra has and continues
to support our Veterans
and Active Service Members
Thank you for your service.

"Team Awesome!"   Thank you for sharing the high quality goals we envision for the future of Cherokee County, our home.  

Keeping home values high, through quality growth strategies, keeping our communities safe, enhancing our parks and trail initiatives, and addressing the infrastructure to catch up to the explosive growth are high priorities.  Citizens need to be heard and considered.  Citizens do not want elected officials who are out of touch.  We must work to hold our elected officials accountable to their constituents wishes.  

I appreciate every one of you! You worked hard in a 45 day window!  Please stay active! We have strength in numbers.   

Keep the faith, and thank you again,  Debra

Keep Cherokee beautiful. 

Thanking Medal of Honor Recipient Kyle Carpenter. 

"Flown in the in the face of the enemy..."

Debra comes up with a plan!

Left (top on mobile): "So that all shall know, this flag was flown in the face of the enemy over Camp Phoenix, Kabul Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, Illuminated in the dark by the light of justice, this flag bears witness to the destruction of terrorist forces threatening the freedom of the United States of America and the Free World - Flown in Honor of Kevin and Debra Frieden."  May 2014 Right (bottom on mobile):  Brigadier General Randall V. Simmons Jr. Georgia Army National Guard, Debras neighbor and friend, was the guest speaker at her DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) Chapter. God, Home, Country.

Our Family of Veterans
Debra Mills Commemorative Bridge
On the Issues
Parks and Trail Connectivity
Quality and Measured Growth
Traffic Relief
Slow Growth Temporarily
High density growth is overwhelming our schools. 
Quality Business Partners and Jobs:
Science, Medical, Technology

Debra Mills Commemorative Bridge for her work on child abuse issues and senior issues.  State of Georgia. Debra (nee Mills) Frieden. Click image to read more.

Cherokee Couty Proclmation
Trying to protect our quality of life.

Debra loves parks!  Debra and best friend Joan Bloom visiting the daffodil display at Gibbs Gardens.

Our young neighbors doing good works.

We love celebrating Christmas!

Debra and her husband Kevin

celebrate their Anniversary.  

MISSION STATEMENT:  Keep Cherokee Beautiful.  Support balanced quality growth.  Maintain a quality of living we all can enjoy. Protect Home and Property Values. Ease traffic burden. Maintain the low crime rate we currently enjoy. Keep tax rates low.  

ABOUT:  Debra is married to Kevin, a Director at CGI Technologies.  They reside in the Sixes Community and the Falls of Cherokee Subdivision off I-575 and Exit 11. She manages their rental homes.


Debra loves being a wife, mom, auntie, daughter, friend and neighbor! Family and good friendships are very important to her.  Debra is a member of St. James Episcopal Church. She is running as a Republican. 

A fiscal conservative Debra has served the citizen’s of Georgia in elected and non-elected offices for more than 30 years.

Spending a lifetime of "service to others" Debra has dedicated her life to advocate for voiceless and marginalized communities (child abuse, seniors). She served 10 years on the Cherokee County Board of Ethics, 

Keep Cherokee beautiful.  "Please NO MORE APARTMENTS!"  

Debra believes her long term experience will be an asset to the Cherokee county citizens.



Debra with Governor Zell Miller and First Lady of Georgia Shirley Miller
Senior Game at WHS used in yearbook
Cherokee Tribune and Ledger





  • Former clients:

  • DPS (Department of Public Safety)

  • Office of Insurance and Fire Commissioner

  • Association of Community Cancer Centers

  • Life Chiropractic College

  • Pasteur Mérieux Connaught

  • Georgia Ticket and Tour Operators

  • Georgia Chamber Governmental Affairs Committee (pro bono)


Click here for SR 467 Debra Mills Commemorative Bridge

Outstanding Georgia Citizen


  • Fighting more apartment growth

  • RaceTrac on Sixes Road Architectural Design adjustments

  • Defeated a proposed package store (poor quality business partner for the community) 

  • GDOT sign post moved away from the Holly Springs bridge

  • Cherokee County Board of Ethics, updated legislative organ, digitized 20 years of records, secured consistent meeting location for ease of citizens wishing to attend. 

  • Aquatic Center lights and noise reduction for local community.

  • City and County Overlay proposed for City of Holly Springs and County.

  • Supports Woodstock's future plan to complete their Green Prints program, and connect in to Cherokee County.


  • Notable collections:

  • Smithsonian Natural Museum of History, Anthropological Archives

  • Cherokee County, Georgia

  • MOCA, Atlanta, Georgia

  • Special to the Cherokee Tribune and Ledger

  • Woodstock High School 

  • Smithsonian Magazine

P.O. Box 397, Lebanon, GA 30146


Telephone: 678-521-6078

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Disclaimer:  No businesses, individuals or organizations herein have endorsed this campaign, nor does Debra claim they have endorsed her in any way.  All information are talking points and examples to educate the public on issues, activities and positions that affect or have affected the community Debra is concerned about, or would support.


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