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Debra has and continues
to support our Veterans
and Active Service Members
Thank you for your service.
Medal of Honor Recipient Kyle Carpenter

"Team Awesome!"   Thank you for sharing the high quality goals we envision for the future of Cherokee County, our home.  

Keeping home values high, through quality growth strategies, keeping our communities safe, enhancing our parks and trail initiatives, and addressing the infrastructure to catch up to the explosive growth are high priorities.  Citizens need to be heard and considered.  Citizens do not want elected officials who are out of touch.  We must work to hold our elected officials accountable to their constituents wishes.  

I appreciate every one of you! You worked hard in a 45 day window!  Please stay active! We have strength in numbers.   

Keep the faith, and thank you again,  Debra

Keep Cherokee beautiful. 

Thanking Medal of Honor Recipient Kyle Carpenter. 

"Flown in the in the face of the enemy..."